No More Web Compatibility Issues

One of your Web site users can not access or has a bad experience on your Web site. Someone took the time to fill a report to explain, analyze and sometimes suggest how to fix it. Often the bug reporting system at browser vendors can be confusing or overwhelming, we created a simpler interface with the information you need for communicating inside your company.

The goal is to make your Web site reachable and usable by a bigger number of users. We can help.

If you are still confused by this site or have difficulties to understand its content, you can reach out to us @MozWebCompat.

Users have reported a problem with your website not working properly for Mozilla Firefox Browsers. You may be able to help. If you know someone, potentially in the Communications, Marketing or Technology departments, please pass along this information.

The technical description of the problem and a suggested fix are provided below. A volunteer or an employee will help through the process of fixing the issue.

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