Webcompat.com is developed by volunteers and supported by Mozilla. This site is an open invitation for all web users, developers and browser vendors to get involved in the web compatibility effort. Our goal is to make it easy to report and view problems for any part of the web.

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What is Web Compatibility?

Web compatibility is about making sure web sites work consistently across all browsers and devices.

Sometimes, sites have bugs or policies that prevent them from working well in every browser. We work to help web developers and site owners identify and fix such issues.

Web compatibility issues usually follow a three part life cycle:

Bug Reporting: Finding and reporting compatibility issues around the web. This is the first and most critical part of the process. We all run into compatibility issues when using the web. Most people do not know how or where to report these issues. Webcompat.com make the process or reporting issues simple.
Bug Diagnosis: Someone digs into the code to figure out what’s causing the compatibility issue and suggests a fix.
Getting Contacts and Reaching Out: To get any bug fixed you need a good contact. There are many ways to find a contact at a company or web site. Sometimes finding a contact can be easy. Other times it requires some creativity and luck. After finding a contact, the next step is to make contact and help resolve the issue. Webcompat.com aims to make this process easier by allowing developers to check for bugs with their sites and applications in one location.

The web is big and keeps getting bigger. To make sure it’s all compatible we need help from people in all regions of the world. The great thing is anyone can help. You don’t need to be a techie and as little as 5 minutes can make a huge difference!