Webcompat.com Privacy Policy

Last Updated: April 23, 2018

About Us

Webcompat.com allows you to report web compatibility issues though a simple webform. Volunteers view the reports, identify solutions, then share the reports and solutions with the website admins. For more details see our About page.


Public Reports

All reports are publicly accessible. Please do not include any confidential or personal information in the content of your report.

If you choose to upload a screenshot or other image, it will be publicly accessible. Please do not include any confidential or personal information in the screenshot.

The User Agent HTTP header that your browser sends will be recorded in the bug report, if you choose to report a bug, but is hidden by default.

Reporting Anonymously

If you choose the anonymous option, the only information that we’ll receive is the content of your report.

Reporting via GitHub

If you choose the GitHub option, webcompat.com will receive your GitHub username and avatar. You can revoke our access to this information at any time from the "Applications" section of your profile page.

Logs, Cookies, & Analytics

Website Logs

When a bug report is filed on webcompat.com we log your IP address, the time at which the bug was filed, and the URI of the bug report. This data may be used to investigate potential security issues and spam efforts. These logs are only kept for 14 days, after which they are deleted automatically.


If you log into our site using your GitHub user account, webcompat.com will use cookies to record your session information. The cookie will expire when the session ends, i.e., when you click "logout".


Webcompat.com also uses Google Analytics to track usage statistics. User and event data will be deleted from the Google Analtyics servers after 14 months.

If you have enabled Do Not Track (DNT) in your browser, we respect that preference and will not send or collect analytics data.


You can find all contact information on our contact page. These are public forums, so please minimize any personal information you choose to share.